Lanarte kits

We are having great difficulty with the wholesaler for Lanarte kits, so at this present time we are moving across to a new wholesaler and these kits will be temporarily unavailable. I am hoping to bring them back into stock before to long

Catching Up

 Thanks for your patience. I have now caught up on the huge backlog from when I was closed over Christmas, a total of 746 emails but a lot of e-mails have come in over the last two weeks or so averaging 100 per day, I am slowly catching up though, and hoping to be back to the stage of sending out orders within 24 hours before long. At present am still running a few days behind, but working ridiculous hours to try and catch up. I do apologise for the extended delay in getting your orders out, but am working as quick as i can to help fulfil your orders.



Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and super New Year.

Postage resumes tomorrow Wednesday January 3rd with Australia Post coming to collect around 9am weekdays.

After my 10 days closure i have come back to over 600 emails so it may take me a week or two to actually get caught up on these, i apologise in advance for the wait time.

happy shopping and thanks for visiting JKS Cross Stitch Supplies


JKS website will be open right through the festive season.

Last mail will be leaving on Wednesday December 20th and will resume January 3rd 2024

Although the website is open, I may not be around at all times for queries, but please send through the contact us tab if you have a query and I will reply when I am available. I would like to thank everyone for their support through 2023 and look forward to being of service to you again through out 2024


Hi all, yes i am aware there is a problem with the website, i have contacted my IT guy to fix this but being a sunday there may be a delay……….Order emails are not being received at the present time, so once we fix this problem am hoping this also fixes this, in the meantime trying where i can to get orders screenshot and printed, but please note there may be a delay in getting your order out

Also some people can order others cannot, if your order does go through will not receive confirmation in a separate email, as i tired this myself…….hoping we get the issues fixed before to long


Due to Optus’s major outage today my internet is down, using a hotspot from a friend to make post, but there will be a delay on orders being sent, huge apologies but should be back on top before long once internet gets restored fully.


New Bothy kits released today. at present am waiting on stock to arrive and expecting a huge rush, so may be a delay on getting more stock, but will be ordering again shortly and stock will take roughly 1-2 weeks to arrive

JKS Back in full swing

Thank you all for your patience whilst i was in Melbourne for a few days. I did some fantastic shopping at the wholesalers and expecting it to arrive next week but will take time to get on website.

I have walked in to over 280 orders so this will take me a few days to catch upon, thank you all for your patience.