JKS Will be closed Thursday and Friday June 20th and 21st.

Orders may still be placed during this time, but orders will not leave until Monday 24th June.

Apologies but another foot surgery so cannot avoid this closure


Please note to commemorate Anzac Day we will be closed on April 25th and also April 26th due to our own commitments. Orders may be slightly delayed during this time period, but normal postage will resume on Monday April 29th. Thank you for your understanding


JKS brick and mortar shop will be closed over the long weekend from 5pm Thursday March 28th and reopening Tuesday April 2nd.

Email queries and phone calls may not be answered in a timely manner during this time

The website of course will remain open and ready for orders, but there will be a slight delay in getting orders out due to no postage for these 4 days.

Unfortunately a few wholesalers have increased their prices, some being Lowery, Design Works and Australia Post, so during this break i will be adjusting web site with these increases. Lowery have not had a price increase in my shop for 8 years as i have been wearing these costs, but time has come i am afraid to increase where required.

Australia Post are only increasing stamps at this stage so envelopes are the only thing to be affected

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter

Bigpond email and the contact us tab

If you are contacting the shop using a Bigpond email, i cannot reply to you i am afraid, Bigpond have marked all my emails as spam and i have tried using numerous ways to reply but Bigpond are blocking and deleting every email. So i am not ignoring you Bigond are creating the problems.

When ordering there is no problem with the orders, just using the contact us tab

Lanarte kits

We are having great difficulty with the wholesaler for Lanarte kits, so at this present time we are moving across to a new wholesaler and these kits will be temporarily unavailable. I am hoping to bring them back into stock before to long

Catching Up

 Thanks for your patience. I have now caught up on the huge backlog from when I was closed over Christmas, a total of 746 emails but a lot of e-mails have come in over the last two weeks or so averaging 100 per day, I am slowly catching up though, and hoping to be back to the stage of sending out orders within 24 hours before long. At present am still running a few days behind, but working ridiculous hours to try and catch up. I do apologise for the extended delay in getting your orders out, but am working as quick as i can to help fulfil your orders.



Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and super New Year.

Postage resumes tomorrow Wednesday January 3rd with Australia Post coming to collect around 9am weekdays.

After my 10 days closure i have come back to over 600 emails so it may take me a week or two to actually get caught up on these, i apologise in advance for the wait time.

happy shopping and thanks for visiting JKS Cross Stitch Supplies