Afterpay is now available.
Afterpay is 4 fortnightly instalments to the value of your order. You must first have an account with Afterpay to be able to use it. It’s easy to apply.
Afterpay is interest free with no monthly charges, providing you make your fortnightly payments on time.
Unlike some sites Afterpay does not show up on every single product. The option to choose Afterpay only shows at checkout.
If you want to know, for eg, how much a Lowery stand is going to cost through Afterpay, get the price ($250), divide it by 4 ($62.50) and that’s what your fortnightly repayments would be. We decided not to make it visible on every product as it’s a bit pointless to offer Afterpay options on a DMC skein worth 80 cents.
Your first instalment may (or may not) be due immediately. This depends on Afterpay and the value of the order. You can make payments to Afterpay prior to them being due and pay off your Afterpay earlier if you choose to.
Afterpay is only available on orders above the value of $50.00 (AUD) and is available in Australia and New Zealand.
The difference between Afterpay and Layby? With Afterpay you receive your goods as soon as your order is processed (providing it’s not something that is on backorder.) With Layby you receive your goods when you’ve finished paying for them.
You can read more about using Afterpay here:

Update 11 July 2021
This information came via email from Afterpay
In the past, you may not have incurred a late fee if you paid the day after a due date. From 29 July 2021, in line with our T&Cs, late fees will be incurred on the day immediately following the payment due date. In other words, after 11.59pm on the due date.
If you need more time to make a repayment, you can give yourself up to 5 extra days by visiting the Orders tab in the Afterpay app and selecting the order for which you’d like to change the payment date. This feature is available up to 3 times per year and is free to all Customers.