Temporary suspension of Parcel Post collections in NSW, ACT & VIC  

As you know, across the country we are all managing the sustained challenges of the COVID pandemic. With two of our largest States and some 15 million people in lockdown, the fluctuations in customer online shopping have significantly increased. 

We are also dealing with the impacts of the Delta strain and in any given day, we have close to 500 people out of our workforce as they follow necessary self-isolation and testing before clearance back to work. 

This is putting increased pressure on our network like nothing we have experienced before, as we manage staff shortages, temporary facility closures, and parcel volumes as high as Christmas peak period. 

To help us clear excess parcel volumes in NSW, ACT and VIC due to these impacts, we will be suspending customer collections in these areas. 

All Parcel Post collections from customers and merchants in NSW, ACT and VIC will be paused from 7am Saturday 4 September until 7am Tuesday 7 September

This may affect postage over the coming week

Lowery Workstands

Lowery Workstands in SIlver/Grey are now in stock.

Still some delay on coloured ones arriving as well as stainless steel.

Corner Clamps for both also on way and table clamps also now in stock


There will be no Australia Post drops until Wednesday 24th March, Aramex I am not 100% sure on depends if they can get through. Floods are now waist high in some streets and major road closures, just not safe to be on roads, apologies but mother nature at is best.

Postage Update

Have been madly packing orders for the last few days, am up to the 3rd of February, so apologies if I haven’t reached you as yet.
Just to let you know the deal with postage
Unfortunately because we send by weight, the system says this isn’t to heavy it can go untracked, not realising that a Q-Snap frame cant fit into any envelope, we tried fiddling with it, and the opposite happened, where it started charging for every item, so we thought this way is better at least we can say the postage is extra instead of saying yes you want 50 threads sure thing, postage is $20…..wont work as people wont want to shop with me if its to dear ????
Is a painful situation, a few people have asked about flat rate postage. but if we said $2.20 flat rate then for Lowery stands to NZ thats a super duper bargain and once again I just cant afford to do that…also to offer free postage means I would have to increase my prices so I actually made something to cover it, lol..So any orders after the 8th February will be charged additional postage if its required, (did mention this last week also)..

Postage Issues

We have been having issues with the freight/postage on the website, for the first day it undercharged greatly, so we have had to change weight on some items but have now found it is overcharging on some items, this is going to be a work in progress for a week or so till we can fine tune it a little. So if you think your postage is a little high, at checkout please choose bank transfer and put a note in your comments, and when I reach you I will check and adjust where necessary and let you know new total, it will be easier than issuing refunds left right and centre.Hope you are enjoying the new site and Maggie is working furiously behind the scenes to tweak a few things and also getting up those charts. You can still view the charts in the albums here though.Have a great day,