Bothy – Discontinuing Kits

Bothy Threads have announced they are discontinuing 82 kits at the end of this year. Some stocks are limited and may not last that long.
Janet isn’t going to be able to keep stock of them all in ‘just in case’ someone wants one so please place your order before they run out.

The last order Janet can place for these, to allow for production by Bothy, is mid December 2021.

Remember you can pay by Afterpay or even Layby over 6 months.
If you want to pay by Layby please choose Bank Transfer in the checkout section and put a note on your order saying you wish to pay via Layby. Janet will then contact you to make arrangements.

Here’s a complete list of the kits being discontinued

LAN01 Poppyfield Lane
LAN02 Bluebell Lane
LAN03 Willowbrook Lane
LAN04 October Lane
LAN05 Waterside Lane
LAN06 Old Mill Lane
LAN07 Blossom Lane
LAN08 Holly Lane
LAN09 Foxglove Lane
LAN10 Summer Lane
LLBK Beckside Lane
LLHC Hollyhock Lane
LLSC Church Lane
LLSL Snowy Lane
LLSR Rose Lane
LLWD Woodland Lane
DWSAMR01 Samplers – Friends
LSC1 Socks
LSC2 Tiger
LSC3 Felix
LSC4 Suki
XB1 Heart Bouquet
XB2 Butterfly Bouquet
XB3 Van Bouquet
XB4 Owl Bouquet
XBD7 Tree of Plenty
XBM1 Daffodil And Honeysuckle Bookmark
XBM2 Rose And Cornflower Bookmark
XCT33 Cut Thru’ Ballroom
XCT34 Cut Thru’ Big Top
XE10P Rendezvous
XE13P Harebell
XE14P Fairy Dance
XE1PP Mermaid Cove
XE2PP Dragon Castle
XE3PP Fairy Glade
XE6P Dreams
XE8P Melody
XE9P Casting Spells
XEJ1 Slightly Dotty Owls
XEJ4 Slightly Dotty Elephants
XEJ7 Slightly Dotty Unicorns
XEJ8 Slightly Dotty Llamas
XEJ9 Slightly Dotty Mermaids
XFT12PP Snow White
XFT13PP Cinderella
XFT1PP Sleeping Beauty
XFT3PP Hansel and Gretel
XFT6PP Peter Pan
XFT7PP Wizard of Oz
XFT8PP Thumbelina
XFT9PP Beauty & the Beast
XGR3 Exotic Birds
XH2 Hobbies Baking
XJA6 Two by Two
XJR20 Patchwork Farm
XJR6 All Creatures
XKA14 Love Dreams
XKA6 Love Woo
XMF1 Garden Birds 1
XMF2 Garden Birds 2
XMF3 Garden Birds 3
XMM1 Flower Rain
XMM2 Butterfly Dance
XMM3 Miss Heart
XMM4 Summer Meadow
XNB1 Baby Mobile
XNB3 Toy Box
XRW1 Sunflower Way
XS13 Two Hares
XSR1 Peace and Huggles
XSR2 Bee Lovely
XT1 Trophies
XT3 Horse Play
XT4 Hugs
XT5 A Good All Rounder
XT6 Hanging On
XT7 Crash Landing
XX13 Decorating The Tree

Tracking on Envelopes

The Terms and Conditions have been updated today to reflect this

Satchels are sent with tracking. Envelopes do not include tracking. If you require tracking on these items please place a note on your order and you will be sent a separate invoice to cover this cost.