DMC Satin Floss Art. 1008s

DMC Satin Floss comes in approximately 60 different colours and is the shiniest DMC thread available. It glides easily through the fabric and is known for its sheen and gloss. Made up of six easily separated strands, DMC Satin Floss is perfect for surface embroidery stitches. For easier handling of DMC Satin Floss try moistening the thread with a damp cloth before threading the needle. You can also use a thread conditioner. This may give you more control over the thread. If the thread becomes twisted whilst you stitch drop the needle and let it unwind.

DMC Satin Floss is 100% colourfast. It can be washed multiple times at 60 °C. Please ensure fabric is suitable for washing.

Made in France from 100% rayon fibres.

Each skein is 8 metres long.

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