Caron Threads Watercolors

Watercolors is a three-ply pima cotton – a long-staple, extremely strong fibre. It is mercerized, which makes it even stronger and gives it it’s characteristic sheen. Watercolors is not a perle cotton. Perle refers to the twist of the yarn, not the type of fibre.

The three strands are cabled, but are divisible. They should be separated even if working with multiple plies so that you can control the smoothness of your stitching. Watercolors has the same versatility as Persian wool and can be used for all forms of needlework including needlepoint, cross stitch, tatting, hardanger, darning patterns, knitting, crochet, and crewel.

For further information on colourfastness, dyelots and care please read here:
Thank you to Caron Threads for making this information freely available.

Made in the USA.

Each skein is 9.1 metres.

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