Polstitches 28 Count Brittney Lugana 18 x 27 inches

This hand dyed fabric is order in only and is not held in stock.
ETA pre Covid was approximately 6-12 weeks.
It has now extended to at least 6 months, with some Customers waiting over 12 months with no ETA available.
If you aren’t prepared to have a very long wait then please don’t place an order for this fabric as we have no control over the ETA and are not provided with updates.
Hopefully when things return to normal we’ll be able to change this notice and provide a more practical delivery time.

Only quality fabrics from Zweigart are used. The photos of the fabrics shown are dyed on linen. Variations, sometimes very wide variations, occur between the fabric types. A colour in linen may or may not look the same in Lugana or Aida. Please keep in mind the image swatch shown is a very small piece of the whole fabric and is designed to give you an idea of the colour and pattern. With any hand dyed product, variations in colour intensities and patterns will occur with each dye lot. If you are planning to stitch companion pieces we recommend purchasing all fabric at the same time.

Why do the different fabric types dye differently?
Different fabric contents will take the dye differently – sometimes very differently. Aida is woven from cotton threads. Linen is made from linen thread. Lugana (Evenweave) is a combination of rayon and cotton.

Polstitches Fabrics come in:
14 Count Aida, 16 Count Aida, 28 Count Lugana, 28 Count Lugana Opalescent and are only available in 18 x 27” pieces.
All pieces are pressed, labelled and packaged.

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