Threadworx 6 Stranded Cotton Floss

This is a premium quality, six-strand embroidery floss made from the finest long-staple, Egyptian cotton. Perfect for hand stitching on all types of fabrics. Over-dyed beautiful and vibrant floss.

Although Threadworx products are carefully dyed to be colourfast, environmental issues have eliminated certain chemicals that ensure this process. Therefore it is important to launder any project with dark colours very carefully. There is seldom have a problem with colours running but complete colourfastness is not guaranteed. Specialty threads must be treated gently! The threads must first be unskeined, put into a bathroom basin 1/2 filled with cold water with 2 tablespoons of table salt and 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Soak for 2-3 minutes, remove, blot with towel and let dry. This is recommended for any piece that will require washing. Please Note that hot water and using a steam iron and/or a damp cloth when pressing your completed project will reactivate dyes and cause bleeding. If your work has been completed and the dyes have bled in washing then you must soak the piece in iced water until the colour starts to bleed out. Remove from the water and run an ice cube over the problem area and then place back in fresh ice water to soak again. Repeat this process until the problem area is clear of dye. This may take continued effort, possibly over a few days, but it does work!

Made in the USA from 100% Egyptian Giza cotton.

Each skein is 18 metres.

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