Crafty Leeny Hand Dyed Evenweave (in stock)

CraftyLeeny is a small Australian home business offering unique, high quality, hand dyed fabrics.

All fabrics are dyed with fibre reactive dyes. Leeny’s signature style is ice dying but immersion and her own style called drop dye are also available. Each piece is hand dyed, creating truly one-of-a-kind pieces with extraordinary patterns.

The colours will vary depending on the fabric chosen, due to the types of fibres in the fabric. For example: 32 count linen and 28 count evenweave will yield a stronger, bolder colour on the linen, than the evenweave. The exact same colour will dye differently on different fabrics.

All fabric is cut off the bolt at the labelled size, overlocked, washed, set with soda ash and dyed before being ironed and lovingly packaged for your creative pleasures. Please be aware that due to the dyeing process, there will be a small amount of shrinkage to the fabric.

Fabric counts offered are 14, 16, 18, 25, 28 and 32 in varying fabrics as listed below:
~ Opals: 18, 28 and 32 count
~ Zweigart: 14, 16, 18, 25 and 32 counts (NB. If Zweigart fabric is not available CraftyLeeny uses Rico which is still high quality, made in Germany and is a softer fabric)
~ Monika: 28 count evenweave (a lovely soft fabric that dyes really well and is more subtle in the end result)
Photos listed on the JK website are of the actual piece you will be buying.